Thursday, April 23, 2009

King fisher

Good morn by cockcrow on cloudy winter morn
And all legs on the Shipdeck to make up their sum
Master's, sailing with gracy belief on lord
Are the Fishermen riding towards icy caves of homely zeals
Having nails in the fire seeking cold comfort
Good morn by cockcrow on sunshone Summer morn
Mens with nets near ice cragged cliffs
mounting on the virtue of richy dol(phin)
which throws him heap'd happiness
of prey behalf on his risky pray to God
Good morn by cockcrow on sunlit Spring morn
Good morn by cockcrow on autumn morn
On waves,rising to risk them on to earth or to the Jaws of Death
Oh!poor Fisherman in the Bless'th world of sea

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