Thursday, April 23, 2009

King fisher

Good morn by cockcrow on cloudy winter morn
And all legs on the Shipdeck to make up their sum
Master's, sailing with gracy belief on lord
Are the Fishermen riding towards icy caves of homely zeals
Having nails in the fire seeking cold comfort
Good morn by cockcrow on sunshone Summer morn
Mens with nets near ice cragged cliffs
mounting on the virtue of richy dol(phin)
which throws him heap'd happiness
of prey behalf on his risky pray to God
Good morn by cockcrow on sunlit Spring morn
Good morn by cockcrow on autumn morn
On waves,rising to risk them on to earth or to the Jaws of Death
Oh!poor Fisherman in the Bless'th world of sea

Englishery Amo

Miss! Oh, Latin over the Sensive mood
Gazing o'er with tensed Tense
And oh, on the redressed parts of Speech
Then give thy Thoughts to Breathing Noun
--now the not known
A little lot on Reflexive and Emphatic Pronoun
Yes! The Crown of Voice must tumble down
Article hung o'er a brok'n stand
while verb, on the ray of God's mercy in vain
Add of thee Adverb is nothing more
Prepositions, in remarks of disastered Prepositions,
Hard! Subject spattered with the herald of frozen Predicate,
Hurray! Thee comes Interjection sympathized and then Interrogatively?
Had this reached the junction Conjunction?
And the stately classes go on
Yet oh, on the Touch of Clauses
Dancing like Daffodils
Along the margin of a stretched Sentence
Even after such drills
Sweet and yet cheerful "Floris" English!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Me and Myself in my place

From the warmth of the burning
Life in my mathoms womb
Crouched the legs,cutting the tassle
Into this spinning sphere

As a bairn, my talk and noodle blabbers
was in the arms that cuddled
The pinkie touch that made me walk
I found my place beautiful

From the place far into the forest
find both backslapping and backgammon
bantering with my pals around
I am discrete
I find my place dirty

Again into the chancy world
of both benovalent and envious people
I row my boat into the carp of deep pond
till the reach reach of heyday

I could find my place distinct
Atlast the frazzled moments of life
I like to be in the shell of my near enmasse
I'll find my place secure